Corporation Rules
  • No trolling in local.  Outside of encouraging neutrals to hang out in system and halt production, it's tacky.
  • Everyone supports our POS's / citadels.  These keep you safe when neuts come in and provide the low-cost or free T2 frigates that we build for corpmates.  You help support by donating one type of P2 materials for fuel blocks (coolant, mechanical parts, enriched uranium, consumer electronics) from your planetary interaction.  Once a week, we also mine ice in system to provide fuel for both POS fuel blocks, our cap fleet, and jump freighters.  It's rather integral.
  • You must move to us.  There's no joining and living in high/low sec nearby or with your buddy in the next region over.  A corp divided is not a corp.
  • Teamspeak with a microphone is MANDATORY.  This is null sec, you will always be on comms.  It's the only way to survive in null!!
  • We will provide a mining ship to get you started.  We also try to keep all the beginner books for sale in system at dang near base costs.  Most likely, all you'll need to bring is your pod to get started.  Fit Ventures are always free!  Procurers can be had easily as well.
  • We SRP any T1 non-capital ships currently.  Anything else can be on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please use the fits we provide you on mining barges (Procurers, skiffs, etc.).  We're intimately familiar with our area and these handle the 3-4 battleship rat spawns that occur in the belts.  We can adjust the fits for your skills.
  • It's on leadership to help guide you through the skills necessary in the game to achieve what you desire.  It's up to you to follow through with those skills.
  • Any problems with members of other Blue corps will be handled by leadership.  Do NOT argue it out as it'll only make things worse in most cases.  Save your chat logs, send them to leadership, let them work it out.
  • NO shooting of blues.  We're NBSI, so if it's Not Blue, Shoot It.  EXCEPTION:  Do not shoot neutral cynos on stations.  They're likely out of corp alts for blue Freighter jumping.
  • You must log on a minimum of 3 times a week and long enough to mine/etc with the corp.  We all enjoy the game, but Sov Null requires a lot of activity.  Mining and ratting keep our defense multipliers up, so all of our members must be active.
  • 14 days of no activity will earn you a boot unless you've made arrangements with leadership beforehand.
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