This is the quick chart to judge the difficulty of the ratting anomalies that spawn in our area of space.

The numbers are just a reference and do not correspond with the DED sites.  It's purely in order of easiest to most difficult.


Angel Sites

Rogue Drone Sites

1 Angel Den Drone Gathering
2 Angel Hidden Den  
3 Angel Forsaken Den  
4 Angel Forlorn Den  
5 Angel Yard Drone Surveillance
6 Angel Rally Point Drone Menagerie
7 Angel Hidden Rally Point  
8 Angel Forsaken Rally Point  
9 Angel Forlorn Rally Point  
10 Angel Port Drone Herd
11 Angel Hub Drone Squad
12 Angel Hidden Hub  
13 Angel Forsaken Hub  
14 Angel Forlorn Hub  
15 Angel Haven Drone Patrol
16 Angel Sanctum Drone Horde


Good luck, and fly safe!